Thoughtful Discourse from Juggalo Nation

ICP, inspiring the use of the word "bitchboy" for years.
Scene writer Cole Haddon's reflection on his brief stint as a fan of Insane Clown Posse has sparked a lively war of words, with juggalos voicing their complaints in lengthy, thought-provoking comments at the end of Cole's short concert preview, which included this passage:
That's the wonder of being a juggalo, I suppose. You belong to a mythology that has been developed for almost two decades within the imaginations of two ugly, overtly misogynistic, wrasslin'-lovin' Detroiter wannabes. Fans cover themselves in tattoos, name their kids after these guys, and even commit violent crimes in their name. Although I have not spoken to Chad in almost a decade, I would not be surprised to hear he has a ringmaster tattoo on his triceps, a kid named Milenko, and is currently serving time for hacking up his wife with a hatchet (one of ICP's favorite weapons).
ICP fans don't seem to agree exactly with Haddon's take. A spirited juggalo named Eric was perhaps the least pleased:
herez a comment fo ur mothfuckin ass bitchboy im gonna break it down fo ya ass u probably sum hatin ass bitchboy dat sits at home every night doin jak shit with one of ur faggot friends sayin how u matured while im out chillin with sum juggalos gettin high as a mothfucka at sum dope azz party. then when u and ur friend get bored u probably do sum crystal meth and let him fuck u in ur faggot face so blow it out ya azz bitch this sum real juggalos up in dis bitch and dis goes out to all da mothfuckas who dissin icp im gonna see ur ass in the Shangri-La and hang yall bitch ass mothafuckas from a fuckin tree and butcher ur faggot faces with a mothafuckin hatchet bitch. juggalo fo life
Bitchboy: what a totally underused word. -- Joe P. Tone
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