Tiga DJ-Kicks (!K7 Records)

Frankie Bones Peabody's Tuesday, January 28
I might just as well admit it up front: I've never been able to take electro very seriously. It was probably the absurd lampooning that the style received from Mike Myers's "Sprockets" segments on Saturday Night Live that did it. But it hasn't been any easier to swallow the genre's current revival, instigated by the New York electroclash scene, which could stand to work a little stylistic variety into the mix. Nevertheless, someone has finally served up a slab of pulsing electro indulgence that gets the head bobbing and the hips shaking, and that someone is Canada's DJ Tiga.

Tiga's contribution to !K7 Records' DJ-Kicks series is a masterfully mixed study of all things electro. Instead of getting caught up in an unnecessary '80s rehash, Tiga presents track after track of unique variations on the standard electro template. Soulful house flavor (Chromeo's "You're So Gangsta") blends with suave German pop sophistication ("Ich Und Elaine," by 2Raumwohnung); then dirgelike new-wave riffing (Sir Drew's "She Male") explodes into P-Funk-fueled girl power (Le Tigre's "Deceptacon," remixed by DFA). Best of all, Tiga's mixing style stands in sharp contrast to that of most electro jocks, as he holds down long, layered transitions, making it virtually impossible to say where any one track truly begins or ends. Now that is the part of Sprockets to dance to.

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