Trouble Books

The United Colors of Trouble Books (Mr. & Mrs. Bark & Hiss)

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Trouble Books experimental Six Parts Seven

Trouble Books is an experimental band from Akron that's made up of members of Six Parts Seven, Houseguest, and Beast. Its fourth album, The United Colors of Trouble Books, is an ambitious affair that tries to weave ambient soundscapes into indie-rock. The result comes off a bit messy. The lack of organization may be intentional, but it's often exhausting. At times, the group shines — especially in "Night of the Pelican Street Sweeper" and "Shaky Science" — but even the good moments are buried in sizable chunks of random noise. United Colors is kind of like a Gus Van Sant movie: Sure, there are some stellar parts, but all the in-between stuff will put you to sleep.

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