With Cobra Verde and Machine Go Boom. Monday, April 25, at the Beachland Ballroom.

Off the Map Cedar Lee Theatre
Seems like the Undertones are way late on the '77-punk-reunion trend. At least, they have the seminal lineup in tow. Well, they are without the original singer, Feargal Sharkey, whose helium holler was pretty damn integral to the sound of these Derry, Ireland punk heroes. But then again, his replacement is purportedly more than suitable. And actually, they've been active for a couple of years now, touring in Europe and recently releasing a new album, Get What You Need (2003, Sanctuary), although it's not so hot.

Oh, whatever -- it's the gol-derned Undertones, the hook-happiest punk band ever! Their 1978 debut has outlasted most of its contemporaries as the stuff for summertime mix CDs. "Teenage Kicks" is not only one of the most oft-covered tunes of the original punk era, but one of the top pop pronouncements the British Isles ever put out. They never embarrassed themselves, got out of the game at the right time, realized they're still pals, and are out having fun again, which was always the Undertones' M.O. anyway.

Local antihero Cobra Verde is one of the bands covering "Teenage Kicks." But it also has a boatload of its own swagger pop. Then again, its cool new record, Copycat Killers (Scat) is all covers. Whatever.

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