Update: Rapper YG to Bring Fuck Donald Trump Tour to House of Blues

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Update: Known better as YG, rapper Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson released his first single, “Toot It and Boot It” back in 2009. In the wake of that song’s success, he’s had a slew of successful singles and even started his own record label.

His latest offering: a remix of his single “Fuck Donald Trump.” The remix starts with the sounds of sirens before a minimalist bass riff kicks in and YG, Macklemore and G-Eazy begin trading raps. “Your politics are like a Starburst pack (why?)/Nobody fucks with the orange one,” raps Macklemore. “Party in the street when Hillary wins.”

YG came through town earlier this summer to play Blossom with rappers G-Eazy and Logic, and now he's set to return to Cleveland with RJ, Kamaiyah, Sadboy to perform on Sunday, October 23, at House of Blues. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Friday. 


YG’s take on Trump: "You're too old, you keep lying, that's why your hair falling out/Donald Trump, call him out, KKK supporter/His favorite phrase, 'Deport 'em,' how the fuck y'all endorse him?"

G-Eazy then gives his perspective at the song’s end. “Give Obama a third term,” he raps.

“It was basically that I was gathering others that feel the same way I feel," says YG. He spoke to us earlier this summer via phone from a New Jersey tour stop. "There are lots of white people who don’t like Trump. All kinds don’t like him. I called in a couple of dudes, G-Eazy and Macklemore. I wanted to see if they would fuck with Trump or they don’t. They said they didn’t fuck with Trump. I told them if they talk about why they don't fuck with Trump, I said it would get bigger. Everyone was down to do the verse. I decided to leak it today." 

YG says he thinks Trump uses his money and power to manipulate people. 

“I think if Trump wins, we will be at war," he says. "He ain’t a political dude. He’s a business man. He ain’t good for the people living life on a lower level. He doesn’t know what’s going on in these cities. He ain’t worried about that. He don’t represent us. Some of the shit he was saying, I feel that, but at the same time his approach is wrong, and he’s endorsed by the KKK. He crazy, bro.”  

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