Volta Sound

This Is the Yin and the Yang (Orange Sky Records)

City of God (Cidade de Deus)
You don't usually get this kind of sway out of a Cleveland-bred bunch. Volta Sound's approach -- tempos that flow like molasses, stoned moaning, oceans of reverb and feedback -- is most often associated with such British fog-machine fiends as Spiritualized or Spacemen 3.

Mercifully, the Volta Sound isn't quite as dense as those two. On the band's third release in two years of existence, it continues to forgo the orchestrated waves of sound and epic song lengths that are the earmarks of this sort of thing. Instead, the band keeps its tunes around the four-minute mark, allowing the melodies to weave into your gray mass and weave out just as you catch yourself humming along. The music maintains a simple scope that concentrates on the guitars, putting the Volta Sound more in line with such U.S. counterparts as Galaxie 500 or Moviola, though their songwriting isn't quite up to that of their influences yet. Nevertheless, this subtly beautiful sound is a welcome infusion into the local landscape.

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