Warped Tour Week, Part III: Throwin’ Down With Throwdown

On a Warped Tour bill full of pale, fragile emo kids, Throwdown stick out like a sore thumb attached to a swollen, bloody fist. The Orange County bruisers are about to unleash a new disc, Venom & Tears, that sounds like Gatling guns firing during a Pantera concert. Frontman Dave Peters says he’s glad to be the most metal band on the tour. In Peters’ view, the punk fest’s 2007 crowds consist of “these casual music fan. And I think the heavier bands on this tour are potentially turning them on to metal and hardcore. Like when I was a kid and listening to whatever was on the radio. And then you come across something heavier, and it leads you to potentially listening to a Metallica record. It’s cool playing to those kids, because they sort of stare at you, but you feel like you’re doing something right.” So if your girlfriend’s dragging you to the tour and making you watch Alkaline Trio, Throwdown’s your best chance to blow off some steam. Keep visiting C-Notes all week for more Warped extras. -- D.X. Ferris
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