We Failed the Bar Exam on the Black Flag Logo

Denise, Denise, Denise. You failed the bar exam. I remember on one of the first days I worked at Scene, I commented on your K Records tattoo, an awesome, yet blatant example of the cultural branding you cite in your Rock Hall article [“Rock the Vote,” June 20]. All you had to do was a quick internet search or belly up to the bar at Spitfire or Now That's Class to realize that the Black Flag logo consists of four black bars, not three. Some of your opinions are a stretch (Kraftwerk bridging the gap between dance and rock? Hip hop born in 1982?), but your legwork on Black Flag is just plain incorrect. But maybe by "triple-bar insignia" you meant three bars of flesh bounded by four bars of india ink, in which case you would be sort of correct (in an M.C. Escher kind of way). Perhaps as a punishment you should be forced to get a bogus Black Flag tattoo consisting of only three bars. But then you'd have to explain what a grievous error this was for the rest of your life instead of one week. If I was the copy editor, I'd have caught that. Dave Taha Lakewood

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