Weird Al Does the Doors

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We love when Weird Al takes on ego-inflated musicians and pop culture at the same time. His "American Pie"/Star Wars song? Genius. The eBay song set to the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way"? Sublime.

His latest is called "Craigslist," and it sounds like the Doors' "When the Music's Over," with Al swinging it like Jim Morrison before he got all fat and smelly.

The second verse is the best, when Al posts an ad looking for a woman he "shared a quick glance [with} Saturday at the mall."

We also love the dancing Native American feet that make their first appearance around the one-minute mark. It kinda sums up and skewers he Doors' messy pretensions in less than five seconds.

But best is the Morrison-like poem Al babbles about halfway through. It's the funniest thing we've heard all month.

And yay to Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek for playing on the song and not being a dick like Prince was when Al wanted to parody one of his songs years ago. —Michael Gallucci

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