What to Do Tonight: The Lions Rampant

  • Roar!

Ever since their formation in Cincinnati six years ago, the Lions Rampant have worn custom-made lion suits onstage as they churn out the most visceral and joyous garage-rock imaginable. The idea was that the outfits would make the band look so ridiculous, they’d have to work even harder to prove themselves to an understandably skeptical audience. That hard work has finally paid big dividends: The band's new album, It’s Fun to Do Bad Things, is a marvel of primal garage-rock laced with deep-fried soul, swirling psychedelia and snarling blues riffs. Onstage, the Lions Rampant sweat, swagger and swing with the rafter-rattling abandon of early Stones and Kinks, shot through with enough contemporary spit to spark the pleasure center of Strokes fans. At their shows, dancing shoes are a necessity, exhaustion and a three-day grin are possible, and a great time is all but guaranteed. The Lions Rampant play the Happy Dog at 9 p.m. Beaten Awake open. Tickets: $5. —Brian Baker

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