What You Missed When You Were at the Rock Hall

While I was out covering the Rock Hall inductions the other night, Saturday Night Live aired another of Andy Samberg's Lonely Island videos (you know, "Dick in a Box," "Jizz in My Pants," etc.). It's called "Like a Boss," and like its predecessors — especially the T-Pain-assisted "I'm on a Boat," which it kinda sounds like — it starts off really funny and ends somewhere way out in Bizarreland.

I gotta admit I had some problems warming to Samberg at first. I initially saw him as the young singing white-guy replacement to Jimmy Fallon. And I hate Jimmy Fallon. But after "Dick in a Box," I realized Samberg was about a zillion times funnier than Fallon. And was more willing to show off his geek side (those SNL Laser Cats digital shorts rock).

"Like a Boss" has some great moments (including Seth Rogen, the show's host, in a rare straight-man gig). The best? The part where Samberg's cocky man-in-charge fucks a fish. Fallon never would have admitted to such aquatic endeavors. —Michael Gallucci

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