What's in God's iPod

Scene Night & Day editor Michael Gallucci, more commonly known as the Greatest Music Critic in the History of the World�, continues his What I Listened to Last Night series, a chance for readers to hear the voice of God -- or perhaps a lesser saint -- on all matters music. The Dears -- Gang of Losers: The Montreal mope-rockers ease up a bit on the Morrissey influences this time around, but they're still pretty low in the self-esteem department (one song is called "You and I Are a Gang of Losers"). Still, plugging in and rocking out does wonders for their confidence. Making the mix: "Ticket to Immortality." Evanescence -- The Open Door: Our favorite pop-goth band returns with a second album of introspection by Amy Lee, who -- for all intents and purposes -- is Evanescence. Since the 2003 debut, Lee has withstood a romantic breakup, a band shakeup, and a nasty legal battle with her ex-manager. You get to hear all about it on these songs. Too bad the ballads all sound the same, though. Making the mix: "Call Me When You're Sober."
The Killers: They slay on the glockenspiel.
The Killers -- Sam's Town: "When You Were Young," the first single from the Killers' second album, is our second-favorite everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-plus-glockenspiels song on our iPod right now (My Chemical Romance's gloriously over-the-top "Welcome to the Black Parade" is No. 1). The rest of Sam's Town is a grandiloquent trip through the heartland of America, with Vegas as its gaudy pulse. Making the mix: "When You Were Young."
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