Whiskey Daredevils Tour Diary — Day 3: Nurnburg, Germany


The Whiskey Daredevils just returned from a road trip in Europe. Frontman Greg Miller fills us in on what happened.

We wake up at 830 for the comp hostel breakfast. It is the exact same breakfast anywhere you go in Belgium. Thinly sliced bread with rough crust, very mild white cheese, mild salami, orange juice in 4 oz glasses, and coffee/tea. I’m not a big salami guy anyway, and certainly not at 830am. Those Kellogg’s people need to get over here and introduce Capn’ Crunch. That jolly Old Salt would clean up over here just on the fact these folks must wake up every morning and go, “Fuck…I have to eat another salami and cheese sandwich. I sure could go for a bowl of crunch berry goodness.”

The pasta meal from last night announces itself with startling authority shortly afterwards. I head from the main bedroom of our minimum security prison room into the bathroom to deal with the situation. You know you don’t have a lot of privacy when you evacuate the pasta and hear three guys immediately cry out “Ohhhhh!!!!!!!” through the door. True, it was a very impressive noise, but still… I am concerned that this may be only the beginning of a “gastro intestinal crisis”.

We drop Michelle off at the train station for her journey home. She owns an art gallery/vintage shop in her town, so driving around with 5 guys in a van for two weeks isn’t in her best interests. She’s very nice, and you can see she is very nurturing with Gary. Gary is now without his girlfriend, and speculation begins if “Happy Gary” or “Mopey Gary” will be climbing into the van after her departure. We will soon see…

It is a seven hour drive to Nurnburg, and rain pelts us most of the drive. There’s not too much to look at or too much to do. Leo reads “Hammer of the Gods”, Gary hand rolls cigarettes, Ken powers through “paprika triangles” (some kind of salty snack with an unpronounceable name), and Christoph slugs Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown is a regional “coffee in a can” drink that Christoph is loyal to like a crack addict is “loyal” to rocks of cocaine. In fact, he bought two cases of the little sturdy cans just to make sure he doesn’t run out at any point in our travels. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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