Whiskey Daredevils Tour Diary — Day 7: Solothurn, Switzerland

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The Whiskey Daredevils just returned from a road trip in Europe. Frontman Greg Miller fills us in on what happened.

We wake up in our purely functional Etap hotel room. After last night’s stay, I now know what it would be like to live on a submarine with cable TV. I pull back the curtains to reveal more clouds and light rain for our drive to Switzerland.

We have plenty of time to kill today with the short drive, so a discussion ensues to decide where to go for the afternoon. I push for Strasburg, as it is sure to be picturesque and provide ample sightseeing opportunities. This is met with great resistance, as it is 40 minutes the wrong way. A compromise is reached and we decide to check out Mulhaven France.

Mulhaven manages to capture all the negative aspects of Toledo, Kutztown, and Dessau in one depressing package. Unattractive block buildings provide shelter to their equally unattractive inhabitants. Discount shops abound for young men in a weird tight shave mullet haircuts that Gary aptly nicknames “the skullet”. We drive around for 25 minutes looking for something of interest and find nothing worth even slowing the van down. The high point of our visit comes when we stop so Gary can take a leak in a porta john.

The town of Solothurn, Switzerland stands in stark contrast. The Aare River gently rolls through the clean 16th Century architecture. Cobblestone roads are lined with tasteful (but frighteningly expensive) shops. Good food and drink is everywhere. Ken says, “It’s like stepping into a Xmas train set in a department store display.”

We roll on over to the club and meet our primary contact whose name I can’t pronounce. I decide to call her “Lindsey” since her name is something like Lutko or Lektopf. She is blonde with a quick smile and twisted sense of humor much like ours. She shows us to our dressing rooms, internet access, private bathroom accommodations, and then sets Leo up with a small bag of the muskiest pot I have ever smelled. This is “smell it across the room” musky. Leo has been jonesing since losing the hash Bux had given him in Belgium, and is VERY ready to “party”.

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