31-Year-Old Woman Poses as 14-Year-Old Boy To Get Teenage Girl

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Is that Harry Potter?
  • Is that Harry Potter?

A Warren County woman got creative and creepy in her quest to secure the love and affection of a teenage girl.

Possessing boyish good looks (seriously, she looks like a boy), Patricia Dye did everything she could to emphasize her androgynous looks. She succeeded. Looking like a cross between Emma Watson and Harry Potter, Dye was the teenage girl's "boyfriend."

Until they met in a hotel room and the girl discovered that Dye was a woman. Can't fake that.

Police have arrested 31-year-old Patricia Dye of Franklin, Ohio, for impersonating a 14-year-old boy in order to have sex with a teenage girl.

Dye, a petite woman who stands at 4 feet 11 inches, went by the alias "Matt Abrams" when pursuing the young girl. She made her boyish look more believable when she reportedly cut her hair into a short, androgynous style, said CBS affiliate WKRC.

Police started an investigation after the teenage girl fled from a hotel in June when she discovered that Dye was really a woman - and not the teenage boy she appeared to be. "They were boyfriend-girlfriend," reported Sgt. Bob Marchiny to the Dayton Daily News. "(Dye) looks just like a boy."

I'm guessing plenty of women at the jail Dye is heading to will be very pleased that she can pass as a boy. Or a girl. She makes everyone happy!

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