36,540 Guests, $4.1 Million in Host Income — Cleveland's Year in Airbnb

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Airbnb, the popular service that allows you to stay in the house/apartment/spare room of a stranger who may or may not be secretly filming you, welcomed some 260,000 guests across Ohio in 2017. That number represents an almost 100-percent increase from 2016.

A city-by-city breakdown is below. The top 3 should be no surprise.

Cleveland's 36,540 guests translated to $4.1 million in host income and $544,000 in local tax revenue. Airbnb collects and remits local hotel/lodging taxes in Cleveland (3%) after legislation passed by city council last year; the company struck a deal to do the same for Cuyahoga County (5.5%) in early 2016.

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