77-Year-Old Madison Woman Found Dead in Home, Suspects in Custody (Updated)


Update III
: On Tuesday the mother and son duo of Danna and Zachary Weimer were indicted for the June murder of a 77-year-old woman from Madison, according to the News-Herald. Each defendant faces 17 counts, including aggravated murder and aggravated burglary. Danna was also packing the big boy drugs when she was arrested shortly after the crime; the stash included "heroin, cocaine, codeine, hydrocodone and Prednisone," so says the paper.


Update II: There are some gruesome new details floating out of the court system regarding the murder of a 77-year-old woman in Lake County.

The two suspects — mother and son duo Danna and Zachary Weimer — are still in custody, and prosecutors are warming up their evidence in anticipation of the grand jury meeting. According to the PD, Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti opened up about the cause of death and the condition the woman's body was found in during a hearing this week.

"It was a pretty sickening sight," said Cicconetti as he related Tuesday what he had been told in court about the death of Eleanor Robertson. "She had been stabbed 90 times, some wounds with a knife and some with another object. She had broken and cracked ribs and someone used a chemical on her to either dispose of the body or mutilate it beyond recognition."


Update: Turns out the bizarre duo suspected of the tag-team murder of the 77-year-old woman in Madison are a mon-and-son duo who might have been trying to feed the need. Newsnet5 reports Danna and Zack Weimer used to live across the street from the victim. Also, another grizzly detail that's shaken out: after the woman was killed, the Weimers stuffed her body under a bedroom mattress, which is where she was eventually found.

Police suspect drugs.

Madison Police Chief Leonard Del Calzo said the Weimers fit the profile of a recent trend among drug addicted burglars, stealing gold jewelry to sell for cash to buy heroin.

"We're seeing an increase in burglaries and it's related to heroin use and it's also related to the fact that folks can steal gold and can exchange it quickly for cash — and a lot of these regulations are in place for pawn shops but aren't in place for these cash for gold locations," Del Calzo said.


Grizzly murder being reported out east in Madison. According to various news reports, a 77-year-old woman was found dead in her home. The allegedly assailants seem to have been caught, but right now the situation seems so odd who knows what the fine print will eventually spell out on this one.

19ActionNews reports the local police knocked on the woman's door yesterday after neighbors called in concerned over her well-being. What police discovered proved the concern was merited: the house was ransacked, the woman gone, and her red 1995 Plymouth Voyager MIA.

The car description went out over the wires. Not long after, the Euclid police buzzed in to say they'd picked up a pair of suspects in a traffic spot earlier that day who had possessions from the house in their car. Soon after, the investigation switched from a missing person to a homicide: police found the 77-year-olds body hidden in her home.

The pair — Zach and Dana Danna Weimer — are an odd looking duo. Right now, there's not a lot of info on either, or any clues to their relationship — mother and son, or aunt and nephew, husband and wife. Their photos are after the jump. Check back for more details. The victim's car also has not been found.

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