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Letters published August 7, 2002

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Father Don gets the benefit of the doubt:

When I read Martin Kuz's article "Bless Me Father" [July 3], about Father Don Rooney, I was reduced to tears. Finally, someone had the courage to look at both sides, instead of the usual negative one-sided view that has been so prevalent in the press.

As a Catholic, I am appalled by what has taken place. However, the press has made it sound like every priest was guilty of abuse, instead of less than 1 percent of them. No, this doesn't excuse what has taken place; however, there are many, many good priests whose work goes unnoticed.

I believe Father Rooney was one of the latter. I didn't know Father Rooney, but I know priests who give their lives to the priesthood out of love for the vocation. My brother is one of those priests, and I believe Father Rooney was one as well.

Martin Kuz wrote, "In life, Father Don Rooney was loved by thousands. In death, he became an ugly caricature of the Catholic Church." How sad it was for this priest and for his family. Who knows if these allegations were true or not? This priest was so distraught over allegations of sexual abuse that he did the unthinkable: He committed suicide. Have we become so numbed by the negative press coverage that we have forgotten the good in people and the good things they have done for us? God bless this priest and his family.

Christine Sinclair
Bay Village

How'd this judge get to the bench?

I was outraged by the trials for the four thugs who assaulted Bob Scott ["Scott Free," July 17]. I was appalled at the negligence of Judge Ann Mannen. How a person entrusted to administer the law could make such an irresponsible ruling makes me wonder how much we get to know our judicial candidates before we cast our votes.

Yes, she was endorsed by law enforcement, probably based on her experience as an assistant prosecutor. I doubt she'll get that endorsement again. These felons should be serving sentences in prison for the crimes they committed. When you harm a person to the degree that they did, I could care less if you were a cheerleader or what your future plans are. You are adults, and you are accountable for your actions.

Judge Mannen, what can I say? Job poorly done.

Robert Frederick

Our Erie islands are a vigilant border:

I know in these times we are all worried about our country's safety. The people of Kelleys Island are no exception. But your article "Terror Island" [June 5] was nothing short of a slap in the face of our bucolic community.

You were concerned that we have no customs agents, but neither does Put-in-Bay for most of the year. Middle Bass Island has none either. Does that make them havens for terrorism also? We have had more Coast Guard, immigration, and sheriff's department presence around our shores since September 11. We have sent our sons and daughters to fight in this war, just like many other communities have. So to insinuate that we are untouched by today's world is absurd.

I'm sorry that you didn't have the imagination to fill your time on our island. Maybe next time you visit Kelleys Island, you will spend some time meeting more residents. Maybe then you will realize that we are more than just Gilligan's Island.

Jennifer Ulisse
Kelleys Island

The Democratic code of conduct:

Hey, Pete Kotz: How much dick do you have to suck from the left to be accepted in the club ["Who's Your Daddy?" July 3]? Obviously, you're still trying to get in. How about writing some dirt on the Democrats -- or is that against the rules? Loser.

Pat Mahnke

Give us grub and local bands:

Having been a Scene reader since the beginning of time, and having been exposed to the Free Times, it is clear to me that no one will face a fundamental truth about them both ["Meltdown at the Free Times," June 12]. They are not newspapers. Newspapers, like The Plain Dealer, deliver news in a clear, factual, concise (read: dry) manner. The journalism practiced by writers at the Scene and Free Times has much more of an editorial slant, and it is easy to tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in the writer's mind. They are two very different breeds, and the only field of battle they share is the one for advertising revenue. From a journalism standpoint, they are as different as night and day. Four pages to editorialize on an event that was hardly news when it happened? Hell, just drop the features, beef up the entertainment and dining sections, cover some local music, and regain your former glory.

Bruce Vavra

The Cowslingers ascend to greatness:

I always knew that one day we would be recognized for "writing the feel-good radio hit of the summer" [Soundbites, May 29]. Thanks for the recognition.

Greg Miller, Cowslingers vocalist

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