A New Ohio Bill Would Ax the 'Tampon Tax'

click to enlarge Currently, feminine hygiene products are taxed in Ohio. - Wikipedia
Currently, feminine hygiene products are taxed in Ohio.
Ladies, are you tired of paying so much of your hard-earned dough on tampons and pads? Two Ohio congresswomen have your back.

Democratic State Reps. Greta Johnson of Akron and Brigid Kelly of the Cincinnati area have proposed a bill that would eliminate a tax on feminine hygiene products, frequently referred to as the "pink tax" or "tampon tax."

By getting rid the sales tax on feminine products, which amounts to some $4 million dollars annually statewide and which the legislators have deemed "unfair" to females who already have to deal with state's gender-based wage gap, the average Ohio woman would save an estimated $632.50 in her lifetime, they say.

"Continuing to nickel-and-dime women adds up, especially for minimum wage workers who will lose an even greater proportion of weekly earnings to this unfair state tax," Rep. Kelly said in a statement. "This unfair tax ultimately means women have less money to save for their future and things like car repairs, medical costs and childcare."

Currently, only 12 other states that do not tax feminine hygiene products. Johnson and Kelly hope that Ohio can join that list soon.
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