A Random Cleveland Kindness

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Despite our better efforts, these pages are usually filled with tales folks who've done wrong or otherwise dicked over their fellow man.

Kathy Walters reminds us that's not always the case. The account supervisor at Wyse, a downtown ad agency, was the recipient of a genuine random act of kindness last week, proving strangers don't only do nice things in movies starring Kevin Spacey or in Liberty Mutual commercials.

She was having dinner with a friend and when they asked for the check, the waitress informed them it had been taken care of. They asked who it was; the guy was no one either of them knew. Was this generosity in pursuit of a date with one of the women? Seems like the obvious play there, right? Nope.

"He said he was just someone wanting to pay forward a kindness he had received," says Walters. "That's it. Sure, I have had someone hold a door open for me or let me cut in line at the store when I only have one item, but to pick up a meal for two people — especially in this economy, was very nice," she says.

And Walters isn't simply going to walk away with her free dinner while giving Karma the finger, she's going to keep the chain going.

"I'm not sure what my 'pay it forward' gesture will be," she says. "I guess I will find out this weekend when I am out and about, but I feel compelled to return the favor and will certainly do so."

Dear Clevelanders: Now would be a good time to find Kathy Walters and ask her for $100.

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