A Small Crowd Gathered to 'Stop the Steal' in West Park While GOP Election Officials Called Trump's Voter Allegations 'Deranged'

Reports indicate that Donald Trump will not concede his staggering loss in the presidential election and will instead continue to hold campaign-style rallies (at least on days that he's not golfing) to further boost his unhinged and wholly unsupported claims, and judging by this weekend's activity, local MAGA parties across the country will continue in the same vein as well.

Despite no evidence, and despite being told by Republican election officials across the country that Trump's voter fraud allegations are "deranged" and have led to death threats against poll workers, a few dozen Cleveland-area Trump supporters gathered at Kamm's Corner in West Park to wave flags and honk horns and yell things like "Stop the steal!" on Saturday in celebration of a ludicrous conspiracy theory and in repudiation of truth.

Here's a short clip from Patriot TV with some of the action.

The caravan to the corner of Lorain and Rocky River Blvd. started at the closed K-Mart down the street, which is slightly better than beginning at a landscaping company next to a dildo store, but just slightly.
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