A Solar Eclipse is Coming For Cleveland ... in Five Years

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Who could forget the solar eclipse of 2017, with that image of President Trump looking directly into the sun without his special glasses? Unfortunately, back then, Cleveland wasn't in the path of the total eclipse and didn't experience the direct effects of the magical event. But come April 8, 2024, it's our turn to be in the spotlight, baby.

Five whole years from now, a solar eclipse — when the Earth, moon and sun are fully aligned, thus creating a spectacular shadow seen from our planet — will appear in our sky for nearly four whole minutes at about 3:13 p.m. that day. Akron, too, will see about two minutes of show time.

Ohio is one of only 13 states that will experience this rare and celebrated occurrence in its totality.

Find a detailed map of the event's projected path right here.

Whatever you do, if you plan to take in the light/dark action, don't forget your glasses.

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