A Very Broccoli Christmas: Concert Review

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Broccoli Samurai, Dec. 23
  • Broccoli Samurai, Dec. 23
Local jamtronica compatriots Broccoli Samurai held down the fort at Beachland Ballroom last night, throwing down a set of mind-altering melodies and esoteric washes.

"A Very Broccoli Christmas" brought out the jam scene from all corners of Cleveland, reminding the community that they are in good company here in Northeast Ohio. Book-ended by local bands, the evening showcased the groovy mentalities of both electronic and guitar-laden improv.

Dwelling heavily on the percussive bass and drum action, Broccoli Samurai takes a jaunty approach to their music. It's easy to get down and dance to - and just as easy to lock in and zone out. Bassist Steve Fade helped turn the whole affair into a primordial funk celebration, laying the low-end theory on thick.

"You all ready to chop some more broccoli?" It was the question of the night and the crowd responded with gusto.

Buffalo-based Aqueous dished up a slick set midway through the night, running the gamut from groove-oriented rhythm work to triumphant, soaring solo sections. This band was as tight as they come, missing nary a beat or a chance to toss a spritely fill into the song along the way.

The Stagecoach Robbery opened the evening with a high-energy set. The rockabilly effect was in full swing when they rolled out their take on"Yahoos and Triangles" - aka the opening theme to King of the Hill. Based out of New Philadelphia, this band set an absolutely intense tone for the rest of the night. John McCarron's work on lead was the kind of stuff that channels spirits, waking everyone up to the Christmas party of the season.

Great night all the way around. If you missed it, you missed out. Lesson learned, though. (A Very Broccoli) Christmas comes but once a year, but Broccoli Samurai will be sticking around the jam circuit for awhile. Check 'em out.

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