ACLU Threatens to Sue City of Cleveland Over RNC Permit Delays

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click to enlarge ACLU Threatens to Sue City of Cleveland Over RNC Permit Delays
Sam Allard / Scene
The city of Cleveland won't release parade routes (i.e. demonstration routes) or grant permits to demonstrate until a security perimeter around The Q is in place for the RNC. Hell, they've even stopped providing weekly updates on who has applied for permits, as they promised to do. All the while, Philadelphia, host city for the DNC, has been ahead of the game, issuing permits and designating a city park as a protest site.

The ACLU has threatened to sue the city for what they say are delays in getting the groups ready to demonstrate in time for the RNC. Perimeter information won't be available until weeks before the convention, giving groups little time to prepare.

The ACLU has drafted a letter warning Cleveland to make a decision about the permits by June 1, reported today.

"Delays by the city are effectively blocking groups from exercising their fundamental right to political expression," ACLU of Ohio Executive Director Christine Link stated in a release. "Cleveland is using security planning as a mask to suppress political speech. The city's decision to allow such long delays is creating unacceptable barriers for potential demonstrators, regardless of political affiliation."

The city says it has yet to receive any letters from the ACLU.

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