Actual Nazis Canvas Cleveland With Alt-Right Propaganda Over the Weekend

click to enlarge Actual Nazis Canvas Cleveland With Alt-Right Propaganda Over the Weekend

In observation of Memorial Day Weekend, a time when we honor the fallen soldiers that lost their lives fighting in wartime, white nationalist group (and actual Nazis), Identity Evropa, canvased Cleveland with their horrendous alt-right rhetoric.

Spotted around University Circle and RTA bus stops down Clifton in Lakewood, the white ethnonationalists (aka, Nazis), illegally placed signs with sayings like "Let's Become Great Again," clearly trying to grab the attention of Trump's target fanbase.

Now, Evropa doesn't call themselves Nazis, but rather a new movement for European Americans who feel they are being replaced through mass immigration and globalization. They are frequently seen holding banners with phrases like "Build The Wall" and were recently classified as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law.

You know, actual fucking Nazis.

Lakewood City Council Member, Tristan Rader personally pulled down many of the Lakewood signs, and posted a response on his blog.

"This overtly racist, Nazi propaganda, in my view, is hate speech," he said. "We are a community that welcomes diversity."

Given that Cleveland is one of the most segregated cities in America, propaganda like this is only going to continue to dismantle our sense of community.

"We are actively seeking to break down barriers that have caused hyper-segregation, lack of opportunity for minorities, disparity and many other serious issues relating to race." Rader continued. "These posters are hateful and are promoting the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve."

These Nazis covered cities all across the country for Memorial Day, targeting many war memorial sites. Normally this is where we'd include a tweet or link to reference the locations of all of their documented attacks, but those obnoxious edgelords don't deserve the traffic to their social media handles.

According to Rader, RTA has encouraged people to first take a photo of any of the remaining signs before removing it and documenting where they were seen and reporting it as a problem/concern to city hall. RTA did not approve the posting of these signs and per Rader's blog, "Something of this nature would not have been approved, even if submitted to the proper channels."
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