After Domestic Violence Arrest, Macedonia Mayor Joseph Migliorini Resigns

click to enlarge After Domestic Violence Arrest, Macedonia Mayor Joseph Migliorini Resigns
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Macedonia Mayor Joseph Migliorini resigned from public office yesterday following news that he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after people witnessed him verbally and physically abuse his girlfriend outside of a Florida restaurant in April.

In a video published Monday, the longtime mayor of Macedonia stated that he couldn't comment on the battery charge, but was leaving office effective immediately.

Resigning in the form of a video was a wise choice, because rather than publishing a letter that doesn't allow for tone, we can all witness the unapologetic demeanor of a man who clearly doesn't understand the severity of his actions.

Migliorini referred to the incident as a "personal issue," despite the fact domestic battery is not a "personal issue" —  it's a criminal and social problem. Migliorini's language downplays the severity of his allegations, favoring instead to flower his resignation with all of the good things he's done for the community to soften the blow of being accused of beating a woman in public.

Of course, the song and dance of "the United States maintains the fundamental concept that all individuals are innocent until proven otherwise" is provided and he is right in that our laws do claim to stand by this notion. He never outright admits guilt, which is wise, given the pending court cases that are to come of these allegations.

"I want to personally apologize to each and every one of you for my conduct and the embarrassment that I have brought upon Macedonia," he stated in the video. "I should have never conducted myself in this way and such action should not be condoned."

"Such an action?" He allegedly beat and berated a woman in public because her meeting ran late. He also says he was hoping the matter would remain private, and admits that he is receiving counseling to ensure this action is never repeated.

Restorative justice is a fundamental tenant to enacting change, but the first step in earning that restoration is owning up to your shit. Migliorini identifies the negative impact the allegations have made on the city of Macedonia as his core reason for resigning and not the fact he clearly needs help and to be held accountable for his allegations.

You can watch his entire resignation video below.

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