Afternoon Brew: Foster Parents Ditch Kid at Browns Game, Finding Pot Farms, Kucinich Goes After Cleveland Clinic, and a Masturbator Fired


Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you check your backyard to make sure your son isn't growing pot back there. And if he is, to remind him that sharing is caring.

— Southern Ohio authorities are in hot pursuit of drug dealers with huge outdoor pot farms. Also, a place to get a good pizza afterward. (

— Dennis! Kucinich spoke out against the Cleveland Clinic this week, saying the hospital should take on more of the city's uninsured patients while Metro sags partly because of its charity care. (

— Two intoxicated foster parents brought a 9-year-old to the Muni Lot, got drunk, fought with each other, sent the kid to the game with two strangers, and didn't seem to care when police nabbed them for abandoning the child. (Deadspin)

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