Afternoon Brew: Kings of the Greasy Pole, Card-Carrying Socialists, Not Dying Alone, a Lottery Lawsuit, and a Robbery at a High-Stakes Poker Game

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He carries the Constitution, not a socialist card.
  • He carries the Constitution, not a socialist card.

Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you make sure you didn't forget to pitch in for the office lottery pool this week.

— A guy is suing 22 people he worked with because they won the lottery in a pool that he usually contributed to, except, ya know, not the time they won. And not for three months prior. But he still totally deserves $2 million. (

— Five men are walking around this week with the honor of telling everyone they know that they are the kings of the Greasy Pole. On second thought, maybe they're keeping that news to themselves. (NewsNet5)

— Just FYI: Dennis! Kucinich and Marcia Fudge are not card-carrying socialists. Dennis! is, however, a card-carrying member of the planet of 7Lithomagicalland19. (PolitiFact)

— The PD has a tremendous little piece on a new volunteer program at Metro, the first local chapter of No One Dies Alone, a national organization that makes sure, as they name states, that no one dies alone. (

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