Akron Mayor Plusquellic faces primary challenge

Just a quick little reminder to Akronites: Don't forget to vote today. Sure, today's election is little more than a local primary, promising a draw no larger than a Weathervane play. But if you're a registered Democrat, today is your last chance to pick Akron's future mayor -- no small democratic duty. (Sorry Republicans, you'll have to sit this one out.) As you've probably already heard, Akron's Mayor-for-life Don Plusquellic is being challenged by former city councilman and longtime schoolteacher Joe Finley. For the past few months, the two dems have been involved in several humorous rounds of verbal fisticuffs, evidenced in the clip above. Finley has accused Plusquellic of overspending, illegal fundraising, and a bad attitude. Pluquellic's retort? Well, Finley's just boring. While many feel that Finley doesn't stand a chance against Plusquellic's 20 years in office, others think it may be time for the mayor's extended stay to come to an end. But as of 10 a.m., when I hit the 4th ward polls, only 31 people had actually put their opinions into action. The polls will be open until 7:30 tonight. Whoever does win the primary will be the only candidate on the ballot in '08 -- i.e. thee mayor of Akron: -- Denise Grollmus
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