All Ralph, All the Time

Letters published November 10, 2004

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Gwar, with Dying Fetus and All That Remains Odeon Wednesday, November 10
All Ralph, All the Time
Now it can be told:
Thank you for covering Ralph Nader's press conference [First Punch, "Nader = nada," November 3]. As a friend of Nader's since 1979, when he fought to save Muny Light, I can now reveal that your caption "GOP Stooge" exposes all Nader is about. Only Scene figured it out!

It is not Dick Cheney who runs the country, as everyone thinks. It's Ralph Nader! Taking on General Motors in the '60s and demanding safety belts was just a cover for the real power. Nader controls everything: oil prices, health care, even the defense budget.

Nader will continue to fool everyone but those at Scene. He's not covered by other media, because they don't have the courage to anger the real force in this nation!

Michael D. Levin, Co-chairman
Nader/Camejo for President

Dese Dems
Thanks for the reminder:
That's a lot of negative energy coming from one person [Kotz, "Who's the Devil?", October 27]. Where were you before the bombing of Iraq? Your rantings left out Kucinich's vote against the war and the Patriot Act, and his position regarding the WMDs and Saddam Hussein's connection with 9-11. If you are dealing with the devil, are you also waiting for the Rapture? It was all Clinton's fault anyway, right?

Marjorie Prince

Finally, something we're good at: Kudos on your column regarding the Democratic Party in Cleveland. As a relative newcomer to this city, I never cease to be amazed that the patronage system is alive and well. I have never seen so many elected officials get indicted, arrested, jailed, etc., for having their hands in the public coffers and robbing the county blind. The entire government is based on nepotism and corruption.

When I talk about this, I'm usually told, "It's like this everywhere." Coming from another Rust Belt city, I got news for you, Cleveland: It ain't like this everywhere else. When are you going to wake up and realize this antiquated system is trashing the city?

What do you call a member of the Cleveland Mafia? An elected official.

Renee Harrington

There's only one George W: You question Ed Herman's mental ability, but do not mention that he is a college graduate fluent in Arabic and that he interrogated terrorists in Afghanistan. He has a slightly different résumé from George W's.

James Votypka

Dennis's date with destiny: While listening to the election results, many reporters stated that "Kucinich easily won his seat in Congress." I disagree. For the first time in a long time, Kucinich had a battle on his hands. After years of Kucinich having no direct competition, Ed Herman stepped up to the plate.

Kucinich needs to take note that the people of Ohio are not satisfied. While I was campaigning for Herman, many people gave me a thumbs-up and told me how they hoped Herman would pull it off, and how unhappy they were with Kucinich and his presidential farces.

Herman showed that he has a strong following. I am looking forward to a Herman for Congress campaign in 2006.

Nicole Cassar
Fairview Park

Voted Out
Sayonara, suckers:
I'm ashamed to be an Ohioan. This state has passed -- by an obscene 62-38 percent -- a constitutional amendment that will outlaw gay marriage and threaten civil unions and domestic-partner registries like the one adopted by Cleveland Heights.

I am now firm in my resolve to leave Ohio. After I graduate from Northwestern University, I will stay in Chicago. I simply can't imagine making a life in a state which is so hostile toward me. I believe that many other skilled people my age will make the same decision.

Zev Valancy
Cleveland Heights

A Waste of Space
Pop princess is a royal pain:
Does anyone over 21 really care about Avril Lavigne ["Under Her Skin," November 3]? I'm sick of her running her mouth about how talented she is. Does this little girl do anything but bitch? And she's got the nerve to brag about writing some of her own songs?

Give Northeast Ohio a break, Scene, and stop talking about this wannabe punk rocker.

Bryan Stauffer

Cop Glut
Harassed Lakewoodian is happy to share:
Dear East Cleveland: Word is that you guys are having trouble with law enforcement. Due to recent police layoffs, there are times when you have just three cops patrolling a city that makes Haiti look like Bay Village.

Fret not, my easterly brethren. I have a solution. We have a veritable glut of idle police officers in Lakewood! It's a one-to-one cop-to-citizen ratio. Everyone has their own cop. Mine is officer Dan Bartlett. He's parked outside my house right now. Nice fella.

We'll just send you some of our cops. Take 30. That will still leave us with about 70 cops to patrol Detroit Avenue on any given night to tailgate and intimidate motorists out of sheer boredom.

So tell your officers that the cavalry is on the way. Our guys might need a little help getting acclimated to your type of police work, as their experience is with telling teens to turn music down and busting people who turn left onto Madison off Hilliard despite the prominent sign that forbids it. Until then, good luck, and let's keep those doors locked!

Mike Polk

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