An Endorsement for's Endorsement of LeBron James' Endorsement

Although the presidential endorsement of the Scene Editorial Board is short and simple, we thought we'd muddle the process instead and put the focus on us, not the readers. We could explain our thought process in a direct manner, but what would distinguish that from the litany of thoughtful, cogent and well-written arguments already out there from editorial boards across the country? (And could we even muster something of that quality if we tried?) More importantly, how could we landgrab some pageviews in that scenario?

In an election marked by many absurd things, including an unending and growing celebration of celebrity/athlete culture, we have opted to go with the spirit of this election season and use an over-the-top vehicle — our concurrence with Northeast Ohio's largest media outlet's craven use of Northeast Ohio's own international celebrity — for announcing our choice.

We say, quite simply, we agree with's endorsement of LeBron James' endorsement of Hillary Clinton. 

Yes, this is a stunt, a gimmick. It befits the circus atmosphere of this media market. Like the ringmasters themselves, we hope we have grabbed your attention and pageviews.

(Tomorrow's the deadline to register to vote in Ohio. FYI. Easy info on how to do so in the link.)
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