An interview with Beaver Nelson, who plays the Beachland on Monday

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Austin-based singer-songwriter Beaver Nelson isn’t the first guy that comes to mind when you think of an artist who might employ visuals in his live show. His music has a raw roots rock vibe that doesn’t seem suited to film or any kind of audiovisual accompaniment. And yet the guy is touring with an album-length film that he’ll project during his solo performance as he plays to an instrumental pre-recording of his new album Macro/Micro. He recently talked about the unique tour that brings him to the Beachland Tavern at 8 p.m. on Monday. Jane Dough opens, and tickets are $10.

Explain the concept behind Macro/Micro.
Well, for the album, I can’t pin a moment when I decided why the record would sound like this. It was influenced by a couple of things that were different. One, I wrote most of it on piano, which is not my primary instrument. Writing on piano was a very different experience, especially writing with the intent to play the parts. That influenced the sound and I just wrote a much more complicated record than I had ever made. I produced it completely on my own as opposed to working with Scrappy Jud Newcombe, who produced all my other records. I had this whole thing mapped out in my head and partly because of his demands and life in general, we didn’t have the time for him to do it. No one could produce this record but me. I had it all in my head so only I could produce it. I had to make it translatable to the guys who played on it. I had never worked that way before.

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