“The Jig Is Up:” Out with The Elf, says the county GOP

No one enjoys gently ribbing Dennis Kucinich with lyrical crowbars to the kidney like C-Notes does. But we’re gracious antagonists – we’ve never called for the little guy’s head. (I mean, seriously, where would that leave us?) But the Cuyahoga County Republican Party’s decided they want to crap on our crabcakes. They’ve launched a website, Recall Dennis, urging that the alleged 10th District Congressman be removed from office – if he ever makes it back from Syria, that is – for “dereliction of duty, incompetence, ineffectiveness, lies and criminal conduct.” The broad strokes: “…Kucinich has ignored his duty as Representative of the 10th Congressional District; has repeatedly lied to and misled the voters of the 10th Congressional District; and has taken up crusades to further his personal agenda, an agenda that serves Mr. Kucinich and not the citizens of the 10th Congressional District.” After you take in all their heinous charges you can sign an online petition or print one in PDF format. Site administrators are also happy to accept your contributions. “Kucinich survived recall as mayor by a handful of votes,” reads the site, “but now the jig is up.” – Jason Nedley
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