Another Crack Comeback

Letters published August 3-August 9, 2000

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The Five Senses
One mother's way to keep kids in school: Thank you for writing such a touching story ["One Slim HOPE," July 27]. As a former crack addict and alcoholic (clean six years), I can relate to the pain, guilt, and shame Ms. Womack felt. Although I did not turn to prostitution to support my habit, I chose instead to turn my house into a crack den. I had no regard for my two children. They went to school every day so they would not be in my way. All money went to buy crack or something to drink and, if possible, both.

I was lucky enough to get into the Miracle Village Program with my children. I learned that I could never take another drink or use another drug, and for me, that was the end of the world. I thought you could not live life on life's terms without some type of drug. I'm glad to say that I was wrong. Today I am living life on life's terms. Some days I want to just give up, go buy a rock or a bottle, and say screw it all, but I have to look back at where I came from, at all that I worked so hard for, and talk about my feelings by going to a meeting, calling someone on the phone, and praying.

Thanks again for giving me something to look forward to on a day that was not so great.

Name withheld upon request

Doing our part to foster urban decay: Thanks for an excellent article. I never have written news reporters to thank or compliment them. The sex-for-drugs issue should have more political importance.

My one concern is the inadvertent "ad" for the locations of the "red light" areas. I hope not too many johns are added to the heartless cruisers plaguing those neighborhoods. It was your judgment call, however, and I still give you an "A+."

John Alexander
via the Internet

Source stings "nice girl" Putre: Reading Laura Putre's article "To Thy Bee Self Be True" [July 27], I was shocked and offended by her insinuation that I ever worked for "pocket change" in Manhattan. Back then, if people offered me unsightly nickels and dimes (which was infrequent), I would politely wish them a safe journey back to Toledo and excuse myself.

Also, I find it disheartening that a nice girl like Laura would make a nasty crack about "Rudolph, the Disgruntled Reindeer," which is as fine a work as ever there was. Even the crabby beer boys at the corner table liked that one. And furthermore, there were never fewer than 8 people there, and at one point there were as many as 12, so I considered the evening an enormous success. Hooray!

Baby Dee

Our apologies to dizzy girls everywhere: I was looking at the pic that was in the printed version of Scene ["Down With Denny's," July 27]. Still, in the year 2000, late-night drunks are depicted as guys with long hair and dizzy girls. Maybe your contributors to the story would be happy to know that a motherfu**ing "yuppie" with a BAC of .24 killed a friend of mine years ago. I see how much Scene has become a piece-of-shit rag over the last four years, and it is finally time to give up on the magazine, especially when again Scene is five years behind the times, as always.

via the Internet

We hear this one all the time: I love your magazine! There is only one problem that I have with it: In your music listings section, i.e. what type of music etc. you can find at what local club/bar/whatever, you don't have a heading for Karaoke. My friends and I are always looking for new karaoke places and are always checking your magazine. There are a couple of places in small ads (like Combinations), but it is an inconvenience to look through the entire magazine when we could just look for the Karaoke heading and have an entire listing in front of us.

Karen Amend

Editor's note: An Open Mic & Karaoke section does appear in print most weeks, but occasionally, Club Listings categories must be omitted due to space restrictions. Complete information about area clubs can be found each week at the website. And we'll keep quiet about your karaoke penchant, Karen.

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