Bill Callahan calls out Voinovich on a recent vote:


Our Republican Senator explains his “No” vote on mortgage-relief-in-bankruptcy to Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim:

I evaluated it and it harms more than it helps. It’s the precedent that it sets in terms of a lot of people who are out there quite frankly very responsible. Our credit unions were giving money to people who were responsible. You’ve got some people who were being very responsible and doing their job and come to you and say if this happens we’re going to have to change the interest rate, recalculate. I mean, I want to encourage those people. I don’t want to discourage them.

Oh, I see. George was just protecting credit unions. … So here’s what we need to know from our Republican Senator: Would he have voted “Yes” on a version of the Durbin amendment that met the needs of credit unions, which can legitimately claim they’ve been innocent bystanders in the subprime foreclosure crisis? Would he change his vote to “Yes” if a credit-union-friendly version came to the floor next week?

Read the rest here. And click here for Callahan's chart on foreclosures within walking distance of the senator's own home.

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