Another Satisfied Kucinich Constituent

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Lakewood resident: �??Denny! You�??re an idiot! You�??re a fool!�??
I'd like to thank you for your article in the latest edition of Scene about our dear old friend Denny ["$6 Million Chihuahua," February 7]. I'm a resident of Lakewood, so obviously I'm saddled with the little twerp. I'm an independent, but every time he runs I always register as a Democrat and then vote for his opponent. The man has no shame. He doesn't know how stupid and how silly he is. I don't know — should one of his friends come and hit him alongside the head and say: "Denny! You're an idiot! You're a fool!" But no. He thinks he's a great 1930s New Deal Democrat. He's going to save the world from the world. There's nothing so stupid he wouldn't do that would surprise me. The man is a complete fool, but the interesting thing is, he's smart enough to live off the public trough. The guy couldn't get a job in the real world, but he's slopping at that public trough and he tells people what they want to hear. He doesn't deliver a damn thing, but he tells them what they want to hear. So thanks again. You do a great job covering our friend Denny Dimwit. --Unnamed caller

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