Anthony Hairston Appointed to Vacant County Council Seat

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From literally out of nowhere, Anthony Hairston was appointed to helm the County Council’s 10th district last week. The news was answered with a thunderous “huh?” from the tens of people who diligently follow county politics.

Hairston’s stated goals revolve around restoring confidence to the council, as well as to the county as a whole. During an acceptance speech Feb. 27, he touched on schools, jobs, economic development, the Gathering of the Juggalos’ recent move to Ohio, and most other bullet-point political topics.

Oddly, though, the 27-year-old lists almost no prior experience in the political arena. He pitched in to help convicted felon Jeff Johnson’s City Council campaign last year (which sounds positively enthralling), but it’s not like Hairston has much of a record to go off of as he snags one of the 11 most powerful legislative seats in the county.

The passing of the torch comes as former Councilman Julian Rogers takes a post at Cleveland State University. Notably, Rogers said on the way out the door that his $45,000 council salary is not enough for the workload demanded by the gig. CSU offered him nearly twice that amount to be “director of community partnerships.”

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