Are Tired Legs to Blame for Mo's Recent Streakiness?


John Krolik from Cavs The Blog mentioned about a month back that it looked like Mo and Delonte had tired legs. At the time, it seemed like Mo would alternate good games and bad. Of course, that wasn't literally the case, but Mo did seem to have an off night one out of every three games or so.

From March 10 to April 1, Mo actually shot below .300 five out of twelve games. By comparison, he only had 5 such games in the 62 games before that.

During that span he missed 7 free throws, which seems like nothing until you realize that he's only missed 20 the entire year.

This could be attributed to any number of things. The general discombobulation of the offense during that stretch, the fact that two of those sub-.300 nights came on the second part of a back-to-back, the end result of a long season full of nicks and bruises and bumps, or just a few poorly-timed off nights.

Could be any of those. But remember this: Mo Williams has played in every game this year — 77 in all so far — which marks his highest games-played total since 2004-2005 when he appeared in 80 games for the Bucks. But the games alone don't tell the whole difference. That 2004-2005 season he only played 2254 minutes, he's logged 2702 minutes already this season. That's almost a full 300 minutes more than his previous high of 2410 last year in Milwaukee.

I'm sure Mo will be fine for the playoffs. The adrenaline of being on a contender and the constant motivation of being on the court with the best player in the league will all but assure that, plus the NBA's goal of making the playoffs last approximately seven months means there's plenty of off days (and even more if/when the Cavs sweep or win 4-1 in the first two rounds).

You gotta be thrilled that Mo has stayed healthy, and with his current workload and career numbers, it's hard not to ascribe some of the blame for his streaky March on the fact he has been on the floor more than he's ever been since he entered the league.

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