Arnold Schwarzenegger snubs Kelly Pavlik. Arnold Schwarzenegger sucks.

This guy thinks he's cooler than Kelly Pavlik. He also uses Twisted Sister for his theme songs. Isn't he a bouncer at Shooter's?
The annual Arnold Sports Festival, held every March in Columbus, is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chance to take a break from being Arnold in California to celebrate being Arnold in Ohio. He gets to chomp cigars and display his shit-eating grin as 17,000 athletes compete in such things as ping-pong, gymnastics, arm wrestling and, of course, bodybuilding. The Governator hands out checks totaling $320,000 to bodybuilding competitors, including $10,000 to the winner of the Most Entertaining Posing. But during these festivities, there’s only room for one hero. And it’s not you, Kelly Pavlik, Ohio girly man…
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