Authorities Would Like to Speak with the Beverly Potts Tipster Who Called Earlier This Month

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There's a bit of news and a public plea on the 64th anniversary of the disappearance of 10-year-old Beverly Potts, a story that shook Northeast Ohio and the nation back in 1951 when the girl vanished. (Full background of the infamous case, the suspects, the false leads, the mysterious and probably hoax letters here.)

Today's update, via

In [an] early August telephone call, an unknown person provided pieces of information about a possible suspect in Beverly's disappearance from Halloran Park on Cleveland's West Side on the night of Aug. 24, 1951.

Police investigated the information provided by the caller and found it to be accurate. But they need more, so they've increased the standard Crime Stoppers reward to $15,000 from the standard $2,500.

"The major part of our most recent tip is very intriguing," said Rich McIntosh, Crime Stoppers interim director. "A piece of it was specific enough to check out, but we need more specificity to proceed. Our investigators need this person to call back."

It's an almost unbelievable break in a case this cold. Authorities are asking that person get back in touch in any of the following ways: calling Cleveland Crime Stoppers again  at (216) 252-7463, leaving more info at, or getting in touch with the FBI, Cleveland police department or the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's office.

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