Bad Computer Deal Continues to Dupe Customers

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Not the prodcut in question, but a better piece of technology.
  • Not the prodcut in question, but a better piece of technology.

Earlier this month we clued readers in on an alleged scam hitting up a number of Northeast Ohioans. To recap: Indiana-based bogus tech company Top Ten Imports, of shitbox iHeater infamy, came to town peddling an offer in the ad sections of local publications for discount laptop PCs. The large-print offer promised that if consumers acted fast they could snag an “EZ Book,” a computer that ran at $600 in stores, but for a limited time only, could be yours for only $179! Well, the products that arrived were more Gameboy than Gateway, and bilked customers dismayed to find that the company had a no return policy.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company has racked up 122 complaints from unhappy customers. Unfortunately, most of the buyers were well-intended seniors or parents who thought they’d stumbled upon a legit deal, a Recession-age oddity.

We’re bummed to hear our public service announcement hasn’t spread.

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