Bath Township Ups Security in Anticipation of 'The Decision'

You gotta wait like everyone else
  • You gotta wait like everyone else
When O.J. Simpson and the infamous car chase ended at his L.A.-area home, police had a tough time keeping the crowd under control. And that was the LAPD. And the television ratings were threw the roof. Hell, you couldn't even watch the NBA Finals in peace.

Well the LeBron James one-hour special tonight is likely to draw almost as many TV viewers as the O.J. chase, and there will most certainly be a crowd forming near James' Bath Township home, presumably to unleash a fury of projectiles if LeBron says he's leaving. And no matter the result, a small-scale riot is not out of the question. And the Bath Township police department is taking a page from the LAPD in crowd control. The Bath Township police will have extra officers on duty around the LBJ fortified compound in anticipation of "a lot of traffic."

Police Chief Michael McNeeley said the squad even has a contingency plan to bring in help from nearby police departments in case the crowd gets too unruly.

Perhaps the most interesting part in this whole ordeal is that the police department, which apparently almost always has some off-duty officer working at James' house inside the gate, has be inundated with phone calls regarding James' plans for "The Decision." They know nothing, in case you were curious, so stop calling. It's rough enough they're going to have to pretend to be happy protecting a prick they don't like, they don't need you bothering them as well.

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