Beachland Boots Food Network's Guy Fieri

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Poor Guy Fieri. First he gets torched in a New York Times dining review for slathering something called Donkey Sauce all over something called a Big Bite Burger. And now, he gets booted from the Beachland Ballroom — figuratively speaking, anyway.

"Guy Fieri has been thrown out of the Beachland! We painted over his stencil!" announced Beachland owner Cindy Barber, referring to Fieri's habitual destruction of private property. At the conclusion of filming his Food Network show "Triple D," Fieri marks his territory with a stencil and a can of spray paint.

Barber, describing Fieri's visit a few summers back, when he and a crew filmed over the course of two days, said the uber-popular chef was rude, condescending and none-too-thrilled to be there.

"Fieri walked in and loudly said 'Why are we shooting here?'" Barber recalls, adding that the celeb chef was arrogant even to his production crew. Despite that, he still tagged the premises.

After all that, the episode never saw the light of day on television.

Since the filming, the stenciled likeness of the platinum-haired, pink-cheeked personality has been altered from "Guy Ate Here" to "Gay Ate Here," yet still it remained. Until recently.

"He's gone! Good riddance!" Barber said, as if exorcising an evil spirit.

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