Beautician Births Baby in Akron Beauty Salon, Baffling Medical Personnel

  • Image: Fox 8

Akron beautician Marquitta Anderson gave birth Friday morning to a healthy baby boy—at work. She told Fox 8 that she had felt contractions earlier in the day, but came in to Polished Hair Designs anyway. When her water broke, there was no time to wait for paramedics—her coworkers helped deliver the baby on a bench in the salon.

The EMTs who finally arrived expressed surprise and asked salon employees who delivered the baby. Anderson’s kickass response: “There’s 14 women in the shop! Who do you think delivered the baby?”

Fox 8 semi-creepily aired footage from the salon’s surveillance camera, which shows one amused customer straight chillin in the foreground for the duration of the birth. Observe the extempore proficiency of the salon workers' amateur obstetrics and general spirit of unflappable bonhomie in the clip. Cf. any hospital birth scene you've witnessed personally or in a movie. Hospitals are terrifying places where your umbilical cord gets severed by Tom Green's mouth. Salons are luxurious places where a coterie of your besties greets your newborn "Circle of Life"-style while Scar glowers in the elephant graveyard and Fox 8 lovingly captures it all free of charge. Revise your birthing plans accordingly.

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