Behind Ms. Hynde

Letters published March 26, 2008

Chrissie Hynde business as usual

"First Punch," March 12

Cut Chrissie some soy-based slack: First Punch is not the first to recycle an old interview and twist it to create news. Chrissie Hynde made a good point: Akron needed a vegetarian restaurant! Vegiterranean is incredible, and downtown's Northside district is rockin' harder than last year.

Investing in your hometown is not a diss; it's a life-affirming act. Chrissie Hynde is a very busy woman. After all, there are billions of animals suffering on this planet that desperately need help. She still believes in Akron because this place is precious.

It's no secret that suburban sprawl has left inner cities to decay. Chrissie's generation witnessed that. It's the same reason so many young people flee Ohio in search of cities where we don't need cars. Instead of bitching about it, get out and change our world. Pat and Chrissie have a lot to give, and love for Akron should be the unifying force. So please unite the Akronites!

Jeremy Koosed

Black mark for the Black Key: In what turns out to be a carnival of errors, Patrick Carney defends Akron by calling it "the town of no jobs," which is funny enough, but then he whines about magazine interviewers who ask him about other bands than his own (what he's really upset about, I guess), and ends up sounding just plain jealous. Well, boo fuckin' hoo.

Seemingly unbeknownst to Carney, Chrissie Hynde is actually creating new jobs in his town with her restaurant, so if it's jobs he's really concerned about, maybe he can find one there.

And the next time Punch wants to tear someone down who's making her hometown a better place to live, why not put his name on it so everybody knows who the asshole is.

Steve Daniels

"How Progressive insurance lost what made it progressive," March 12

Progressive Regression
If only they didn't pay so much: Finally, an article that tells the truth about Progressive. As an almost 10-year employee, I can say the change for the worst came about when Glenn took over. Why has he not been held accountable for the poor business decision that cost the company millions, lost our agents' trust, and is now costing millions to put back?

The human cost is the saddest part of all. The people who are left are treated like cattle, traded around in a desperate measure to cover up like everything is going to be wonderful. The company needs to pare down the middle-management robots who spit out Progressive acronyms and corporate buzzwords and doublespeak. The actual people doing the work that keep the company going are told to keep your mouth shut and grin, or you are next to go.

Maybe if they brought back a real dress code, they would lose some of the sweatpants mentality that goes with it. Coupled with it would be to make sure people actually show up on time for work, don't take two-hour lunch breaks, and text on their cell phones all day. Allow people to give their marketing ideas, and actually use them. We have some very bright, hard-working people left at Progressive. You don't need an MBA to have a brilliant marketing idea.

Why do I stay? I just shut up and grin. The money is too good.

Observant Worker

Blame it on the MBAs: Perhaps if more reductions are to be considered, based on the track record, start with Glenn Renwick and work their way down through the ranks of unnecessary MBAs who have practically destroyed Peter's dream.

Dave Lally

On second thought: So, a few employees are scared to speak their minds and a few ex-employees hold a grudge or have bad things to say about their previous employer, and that's big news? Must be a slow news day for Scene.

Stupid People

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