Benches -- and Bleachers -- Empty at the Jake

In the fourth inning of last night’s Indians-Blue Jays game, both benches cleared when Toronto catcher Jason Phillips jawed at Josh Barfield for a hard slide into home. But the near-brawl was only the warm-up act: In the middle of the fracas, a guy -- it's always a guy -- rushed out for his 15 minutes of fame that lasted more like 15 seconds. He ran from atop the Tribe dugout across the infield between first and second base and into right field, twirling his shirt and showing off his black drawers. A pathetic backflip landed him on his shoulder, after which he rose and lifted his arms to the heavens, soaking in the adulation of Tribe fans pissed that nobody got their ass kicked. Security got the guy after that. He may have his back to the wall of a downtown jail cell today, but his legend will live on thanks to YouTube. -- Tom Kim
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