Bernadette Music Called 911 to Ask Dispatchers Out on Dates

Police, fire, medical, dating.
  • Police, fire, medical, dating.

Maybe she just had a thing for 911 dispatchers.

Maybe she was just lonely and horny and those 1-900 numbers were just far too long for her tired fingers to dial.

Maybe she was drunk.

OK, she was definitely drunk.

According to, Bernadette Music, 46, dialed up 911 a couple of times a week ago to ask dispatchers out on dates. Of course, this did not sit well with police or emergency responders who prefer to keep the lines open for, you know, real emergencies.

When police arrived at the Ohio woman's home, they found her drunk. Shocking. She probably moved on to the 911 dispatchers after being rejected by OnStar customer service reps.

Police also discovered that she peed in her apartment building's hallway, which was probably her way of coming on to the janitor staff, but that's just a guess.

If you think this all sounds familiar, you're not imagining things. Audrey Scott of Alliance was recently in the news for something similar, except Scott got drunk and called 911 looking for a husband, not just a date. Scott, it seems, is ready to settle down where Music is not.

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