Bernie Moreno Honors Solemn Anniversary of Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection By Further Debasing Himself

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Moreno campaign ad still
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It wasn't all that long ago that Bernie Moreno was a respected commodity in Cleveland. The luxury car dealer and tech evangelist sat on boards (and still sits on the Tri-C board) and emerged in recent years as a new voice of leadership in Northeast Ohio, one whose big Blockland dreams endeared himself to a region ever hungry for the next big moonshot idea.

He was charasmatic and brash and, as Scene wrote last year, "managed to mobilize what felt like the entirety of Cleveland's public and private leadership into promoting blockchain as a viable economic renaissance strategy."

It wasn't all that long ago, but it feels like eons given Moreno's heel turn from conservative local businessman to lying Trump-humping Senate candidate.

Now, on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, he's the Washington Post poster child for Republicans who repeat Donald Trump's lies of a stolen election.

“Just generally, the election was stolen,” Moreno told The Washington Post. “There’s no question about that.”

He said the same in one of his recent campaign ads — “President Trump says the election was stolen, and he’s right” — which besides the Big Lie also feature an assortment of utterly humiliating policy planks like making English the national language.

It remains puzzling why Moreno has chosen to torch his reputation and spend millions of dollars in personal wealth for the privilege of publicly debasing himself while getting demolished in the Republican Senate primary, but here we are.

Moreno, if you'll remember, originally called for Republicans to stop spreading election lies, tweeting on Nov. 7, 2020, “To my conservative friends: accept the results of 140m+ votes cast. Was it perfect, no…was it anywhere near enough to change the result, no. #ElectionIsOver #Unite."

But then he got into the Senate race, where Matt Dolan is the only candidate who's chosen to tell the truth. (Dolan commemorated the Jan. 6 anniversary with a campaign statement this week: “One year ago, our entire nation, the free world and America’s adversaries, watched the events of Jan. 6 unfold with stunning clarity. It was an attack on American democracy, our Constitution and the rule of law that must not be minimized, normalized or explained away.”

Meanwhile, Moreno can't even keep his lies about the Big Lie straight.

“I'm not suggesting that I have proof one way or the other. I'm just saying let's investigate thoroughly, calmly, unemotionally,” Moreno told Spectrum News last month.

He released the campaign ad repeating the Big Lie two weeks later.
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Vince Grzegorek

Vince Grzegorek has been with Scene since 2007 and editor-in-chief since 2012. He previously worked at Discount Drug Mart and Texas Roadhouse.
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