Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020

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Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Penguin CBD
The powerful benefits of CBD affect almost every part of the body, and consumers are discovering ways CBD oil can help them feel their best in day-to-day life. With numerous potential benefits, CBD may be the most exciting wellness development so far this century.

However, while researchers are constantly making new discoveries about CBD’s efficacy, a lack of regulation has led to confusion in the marketplace. Disreputable brands put out mislabeled products, making it a challenge for consumers to determine which CBD oils will work for them, which are bunk and which may be contaminated with harmful chemicals.

You want to be able to determine which companies make effective, safe CBD oil. That’s why we put together this list of the best CBD oil brands on the market to assist you in making your decision.

1. Penguin CBD
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Penguin CBD
Penguin CBD is one of those standout CBD companies that goes the extra mile to ensure every customer gets the highest-quality products on the market. Their CBD oil comes in three different strengths and five fun flavors, including natural, mint, citrus, strawberry, and their latest, cookies and cream.

What separates Penguin CBD from other companies is their meticulous attention to detail. They are proud of the fact that the hemp used in their CBD comes from their farms in Oregon, where the plants are never exposed to pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Their CO2 extraction process uses no additives or derivatives, so your final product is pure and precisely as advertised.

In addition to ensuring they use the safest and best CBD oils available, Penguin CBD knows exactly the right formula for each product. They also have CBD capsules and CBD cream, which are all made with broad-spectrum CBD to give you the full set of flavonoids and terpenes for that famous “entourage effect” without any THC. If you just want pure CBD and nothing else, their CBD gummies are made with CBD isolate because it makes the finest, cleanest-tasting CBD edible possible. Penguin has been recognized for having the best CBD gummies on the market.

The makers of Penguin CBD think your life should be as chill as a penguin’s. All of their CBD products are made to bring balance to your mind and body.

2. Verma Farms
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Verma Farms
Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, Verma Farms’ award-winning CBD oil gets five-star ratings in customer reviews. Their products are all made with hemp that was domestically grown without the use of harmful chemicals, for a dose of pure CBD in every serving. “As natural as the earth it came from” is their slogan, and it fits.

Verma Farms’ CBD oil comes in three different formulas to help you stay smiling all day long. They keep things simple, offering 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each bottle; then they add an extra kick like mint or citrus to help you get your head right where it needs to be. Whether you are just waking up, want a midday boost or need some help getting to sleep, Verma Farms CBD oil has you covered.

3. Charlotte's Web
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Charlotte's Web
Developed by the Stanley brothers to help a young girl with her relentless seizures, Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are made with a conscientiousness that puts them above most other companies. They work to promote sustainable agricultural practices on their own farms and on other farms looking to make a shift in their methods. They also direct a portion of their profits to a long list of charitable organizations that make the world a better place.

Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are made with full-spectrum CBD, meaning you’ll get the power of the whole hemp plant, including a small amount of THC. They offer a variety of flavors and one of the widest ranges of potency, from 7mg to 60mg doses.

4. Sunday Scaries
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Sunday Scaries
The owners of Sunday Scaries are so passionate about their products that they regularly visit the Colorado farm partners where the hemp is grown, to see firsthand that the cultivation practices meet their standards. They also have a great sense of humor, which shines through on their website and in their products.

Sunday Scaries’ broad-spectrum CBD oil only comes in one strength, which is 10mg per dose (500mg per bottle), and one flavor. They have created a proprietary blend with vitamins B12 and D3 mixed in to give your body an extra kick of healthy goodness every time you take your CBD.

5. PureKana
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Pure Kana
PureKana’s mission is to provide some of the highest-quality CBD products at reasonable prices so everyone can benefit from the healing powers of CBD. Their focus on the customer experience is evident in the rave reviews they get from their clientele.

The brand offers an array of options, including one of the most potent formulas on the market today. Their full-spectrum CBD oil can be found in three flavors, and strengths ranging from 7.5mg per dose to 83.3mg per dose. Whichever variation you choose, you have a full 30 days to return your product for a refund if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

6. Lazarus Naturals
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Lazarus Naturals
Lazarus Naturals is an employee-owned company that cares about widening access to CBD products to everyone. Most of the hemp used to make their products comes from their own farms, and the CBD is extracted with ethanol in-house. They offer discounts on their already affordable products to veterans, low-income households and people with disabilities.

This brand carries CBD products of all kinds, and their oils range from 15mg to 50mg of CBD per serving. In case you don’t like the natural hemp flavor, they offer exciting options like French vanilla mocha and blood orange. Their oils can be found in full-spectrum as well as CBD isolate varieties.

7. Fab CBD
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
People who are concerned with improving their wellness will benefit from looking into FabCBD’s products. Their aim is to use products made with organic hemp to help people with active lifestyles feel their best, day in and day out. Even after those killer workouts.

FabCBD offers CBD oils in flavors like citrus, mint, berry and vanilla. Their full-spectrum products range in strength from 10mg to 80mg per dose, and their website includes plenty of good information to help you decide which products are right for you.

8. Hemp Bombs
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Hemp Bombs
The focus of the Hemp Bombs brand is to empower and educate. They want their CBD to give people the support they need in order to live their best lives, and they do that by paying careful attention to every part of the process their CBD goes through, from seed to sale. You can find Hemp Bombs in over 2,500 stores, and they offer some of the best-tasting products around.

Their broad-spectrum CBD oils are reasonably priced, and they come in four flavors with 6 different concentrations. The Hemp Bombs 4,000mg bottle packs a heavy dose of more than 65mg of CBD per dropper, and the natural flavor is great to include in recipes and drinks. Their website even includes a product-finder quiz to help you figure out which CBD products are best for you.

9. Joy Organics
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Joy Organics
The story of Joy Organics began with founder Joy Smith’s personal experience with CBD. She was frustrated with the industry because, although she knew CBD would help her problems, she struggled to find a dependable, transparent product. That’s why she decided to start her own company, and the family-owned business has been focused on quality ever since.

Joy Organics focuses on making CBD that has a high bioavailability, meaning it takes less of the oil to have awesome effects. Their broad-spectrum CBD oils come in four different doses, ranging from 7.5mg per serving to 45mg per serving. They offer natural, summer lemon, orange bliss and tranquil mint flavors. While their prices are a little steeper than some, the high quality of Joy Organics CBD is worth every penny.

10. Plant People
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Plant People
Plant People’s mission is simple: Connecting people to their own well-being through the power of plants. The two founders had both undergone surgery to repair traumatic spinal injuries, and they were frustrated with the way traditional painkillers made them feel. In the search for something that was effective but didn’t leave them groggy, they found CBD.

The full-spectrum CBD products made by this company are specifically formulated with the right combination of terpenes to produce the desired effect. Their drops come in three varieties: Sleep, Mind + Body and Relief.

11. Green Roads
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Green Roads
Green Roads’ co-founder Laura Fuentes started out as a pharmacist, so she fully understands the importance of making CBD products people can trust. Since 2013, Green Roads has always met the highest quality standards. In 2019, they helped sponsor Florida’s first Hemp Pilot Program. Green Roads focuses on meeting customers where they are, with compassion and understanding, so they can always help you find the products you are looking for.

The Green Roads brand of CBD oil is formulated by a team of pharmacists, to ensure that your CBD is effective, potent and fast-acting. They offer a variety of flavors, and their full- and broad-spectrum doses range from 7.5mg per dose to 58mg per dose. For those who are unsure if CBD is right for them, Green Roads offers individual dose droppers. This allows you to give it a try before investing in a whole bottle.

12. Kat's Naturals
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Kat's Naturals
Kat’s Naturals puts their focus on creating the most sustainable product possible while supporting the local economy. Based in a small rural Tennessee town, they mainly employ people who live nearby for their business, and they work with farmers in their community to transition their crops from tobacco to hemp. Kat’s Naturals is a labor of love, and the company has a goal of operating at zero waste. They make use of every part of the hemp plant and compost what they do not use.

Kat’s Naturals makes THC-free and full-spectrum versions of their CBD oils, and they come in formulas designed to help you get better sleep, restore your energy, balance your systems and help you metabolize the CBD faster for a healthier you every day.

13. Receptra Naturals
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Receptra Naturals
The guiding principle of Receptra is their motto: “The truth is curative.” This is yet another company that was founded by someone who found a solution to their problems in CBD, but became frustrated with the lack of reliability. From that difficulty grew the Receptra brand. Everyone at the company has had personal experience with the power of CBD, and their passion is what drives Receptra’s quality and sense of service to their customers.

Receptra offers formulas with added ingredients to encourage a more powerful effect. Their full-spectrum products come infused with chamomile, lavender or turmeric. Their THC-free broad-spectrum formula comes with turmeric, for an additional boost of anti-inflammatory power.

14. Premium Jane
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Premium Jane
Premium Jane’s focus on quality and customer care is what sets this company apart. They are a top brand because of the passion that goes into their products and services. Their website is easy to navigate and there is plenty of educational material to help you make an informed decision.

Premium Jane’s broad-spectrum CBD oils come in doses ranging from 7.5mg per serving to 25mg per serving. They can be purchased in mint, citrus and natural flavors.

15. Penguin CBD
Best CBD Oil: Top 15 Brands of 2020
Founded in 2012, Plus+CBD was one of the earliest hemp-derived CBD companies to enter the market. Besides having a rather entertaining website, Plus+CBD is backed by one of the most comprehensive bodies of research. They have conducted internal studies indicating the efficacy of their products, and their CBD formulas are self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Plus+CBD offers three kinds of CBD oil, allowing you to find the precise effect you are looking for in your CBD.

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