Beyonce and Terhar: A Tale Of Two Frenzies

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The two non-stories that just won't die this week revolve around speech - or lack thereof.

Beyonce's lip-synching fun during President Barack Obama's inauguration has riled the masses online and across the country. The situation even garnered her a handful of NYC tabloid covers - the height! of newsworthiness. (ZZzzz...)

But closer to home, the mild controversy surrounding Ohio School Board President Debe Terhar's evocation of Adolf Hitler in posting online about gun control legislation has garnered some winces across the state.

The Columbus Dispatch's Catherine Candisky reports that the Anti-Defamation League is jumping into the conversation here (complete with a nod to former MLB pitcher John Rocker…).

Most importantly, though, this issue gives both Democrats and Republicans something really substantial to sink their rhetoric into:

Ohio Democratic Party Leader Chris Redfern, calling the post “disgusting and entirely unacceptable,” sent supporters an email yesterday urging them to “join the chorus of those demanding that the governor and state school board call for Terhar’s resignation.”

The Ohio GOP sent out a fundraising email yesterday reminding supporters that in 2011 Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, invoked Hitler while criticizing Republican-backed efforts in Ohio and Wisconsin to limit the power of public employee unions. Brown later apologized.

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